About us

RosGwen24 News is one of the leading digital news platform established in 2013. 

Its main thrust is to provide quality, verified information for current and future reference.

RosGwen24 News aims to support everyone with a space to showcase their talent and tell a story in digital and dot media format.

RosGwen24 News
RosGwen24 News

The term RosGwen simply means roses in great world enclosed.

Roses symbolise love or something of sentimental value and to say they are enclosed in a great world just means everything of value is hidden somewhere.

The ideology of RosGwen exist is to encourage anyone to pursue something of value until they find it, the same way a lover tirelessly search around in this world for their soulmate or how miners dig deeper underground until the precious material of interest is available for all to see.

Our Values:

  • Truth
  • Transparency
  • Justice
  • Philanthropy 

One Africa, Same Dream…​

RosGwen24 News has over the years faced challenges from many fronts as some shadowy personalities have persistently used unethical means to fight and damage our brand in an attempt to close the door of the truth.

We have remained determined because we want to empower everyone with true information which will help them in any daily endeavour or remembering their story.

RosGwen24 News also offers solutions to businesses or individuals on different subjects through our big constituency of experts.

It is our hope that everyone will join us in changing our African story and society for the better through any means that is sponsorship, partnerships, sharing our content, writing to us and encouraging us in any way.

RosGwen24 News also aims to provide another touch to the digital world by bringing to you latest, trending and quality videos in High Definition (HD) if possible.

We aim to cover every surface of the continent over time but before reaching the other end of the river one ought to cross it.

Your story is also our story and as we grow bigger and better, the joy belongs to all of us.