Apostle Chiwenga accident: Full Details Emerge

Jesus Revelation Ministries is aware of the State’s targeted campaign to attack Apostle Chiwenga and the ministry because of the bold rebuke and counsel against sin, corruption, and all manner of evil doings without respecting persons.
Public statement by Apostle Chiwenga’s Jesus Revelation Ministries:

An update on the accident involving Apostle TF Chiwenga and his colleagues which occurred in Norton on July 13, 2020 at approximately 7:30 p.m.

We seek to inform the entire family of Jesus’ revelation ministries in Zimbabwe and abroad, the nation of Zimbabwe at large and the world at large that Apostle TF Chiwenga and the two brothers passed away on 13th July 2020 at about A car accident involved 1930 hours of driving from Harare along Bulawayo Road.

The crash happened at mile 3.8 before the Norton tollbooth. Apostle TF Chiwenga was driving a Land Rover Discovery 4 and was hit head-on by a Mercedes-Benz sedan, registration AED 7059, coming off the one-way street.

Evidence at the scene shows a sinister collision controlled by the driver of the Mercedes-Benz, who was going against the flow on the highway.

Apostle TF Chiwenga was quickly picked up from the scene of the accident and taken to hospital by a sympathizer.

After receiving information about the accident, we tasked a team to go to the crime scene and gather details of what probably happened.

A diagram and images are included with this statement to clarify our position. Our statement is also supported by interviews with those involved in the accident.

According to the sketch accompanying this statement, it depicts a premeditated and well-calculated plan to assassinate Apostle Chiwenga in a brutal car accident.

While the possible intention was to cause the vehicle in which Apostle Chiwenga was driving to swerve out of the way and possibly fall or overturn, a head-on collision occurred instead.

It is reported that the accident resulted in the unfortunate deaths of two people who were in the Mercedes Benz, while the other was seriously injured.

At the time of writing, we are unsure of the status.

The Ministry offers its sincere condolences to the bereaved and to the loved ones of those who died following the sad death of their loved ones.

Following our observation, Apostle TF Chiwenga and the two colleagues involved in the collision testified that they noticed that their vehicle was followed by a Toyota Hilux at the Kuwadzana roundabout.

The same vehicle passed it shortly before the incident and is identified as car D on the diagram.

The vehicle involved in the front-wheel drive with the designation Pkw B was traveling in the wrong direction and had turned off the lights.

The vehicle only appeared at an estimated distance of 20 meters. According to Apostle, another vehicle (Car C in the illustration) was driving alongside Car A at the time of impact, making it difficult to avoid a significant frontal collision.

All of this evidence has forced us to believe that this deadly collision was not natural, but a lean project.

Our concern as Jesus Revelation Ministries is the intentional delay, concealment and withholding of the release of information about the accident by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

Additionally, some media outlets and journalists published partial details of the accident without other significant details, including the names of those who died in the head-on collision caused by a car traveling on a one-way street.

On the contrary, when Apostle Chiwenga was involved in a nearly similar car accident on June 12, 2019 that killed three Jesus Revelation Ministries brothers, police urgently released the details of the victims and the circumstances of the accident. within the hour.

We expected ZRP to provide full account details, as is their standard.

We as Jesus Revelation Ministries are not surprised by developments in this planned assassination as predicted in Apostle TF Chiwenga’s public statement exposing a government operation to kidnap and assassinate him.

The details of the press release issued on July 10, 2020 and published on July 11, 2020 are available on the following link.

The attempted murder occurred just three days after the statement.

Additionally, Apostle TF Chiwenga was persecuted ten days prior to the unfortunate man-made disaster, and the complaint finds echo in Apostle Chiwenga’s sermons that he has preached for the past six months.

The mood in state media recently, which was also reiterated by the President in his party’s address to the Politburo, has been ominous and in some cases the name of Apostle TF Chiwenga has been mentioned. among those they accused of inciting violence. and charged with sedition.

This information combined with the evidence on the ground made it hard for us to believe that the state was not involved.

Jesus Revelation Ministries is aware of the state’s deliberate campaign to attack Apostle TF Chiwenga and Jesus Revelation Ministries for bold correction and guidance against sin, corruption and all manner of evil deeds without respect for individuals . (John 16, verses 7-9, Ezekiel 2, verses 6-7, Acts 10, verses 34-35, Romans 2, verses 11).

However, the gospel is not preached in man’s terms, but God speaks to his creatures using his own choice vessels in his own way. (Daniel v. 4 v. 34-35)

We call on the nation of Zimbabwe, civil society, human rights organizations and the international community to condemn these barbaric acts perpetrated by our government against innocent citizens.

Brethren all over the world should pray for Apostle TF Chiwenga and the other brethren in these difficult times. In the meantime, may people be calm and comforted in their hearts as the condition of Apostle TF Chiwenga and two other brothers is stable and well monitored. All developments will be communicated.

Thank you very much!

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