Bhasera divides Zifa House!

Tafadzwa Bhasera was sacked and recalled, all inside 24 hours? Interestingly....she even managed to attract the attention of Zifa President?
Hope Chizuzu, Sports Analyst

So Tafadzwa Bhasera was sacked and recalled, all inside 24 hours? Hooo….she even managed to attract the attention of Zifa President?

Ah some people have power not obvious to everyone. Bhasera, women football team manager, a surprise job for her in the first place, was a few days ago reported and ordered to immediately leave camp because her conduct was unbecoming.

She was accused of not staying in camp as the rest of them. But would only feature at the Zifa Village in the company of some male friends, prominent among them ex-Warriors star Harlington Shereni.

Such behaviour had caused serious murmurs from coaches and players alike, forcing General Manager of national teams, Welly (Wellington) Mpandare to act, after complaints from the technical team.

Even Bryton Malandule, the chair for technical and development committee was informed and recommended that Welly act in accordance with the code of conduct.

Bhasera was eventually asked to leave camp but the Harare City FC CEO instead called Kamambo and told him a different story.

“President, am having problems with Mr Malandule, who several times has asked me out. I refused and he is now using that against me, that is why he is saying my behaviour is bad for women football.

“It is unfortunate am being victimised for that. What has that got to do with my job as team manager,” Bhasera whatsapped Kamambo.

The result of that message was swift. Kamambo called Mpandare and asked, “Who gave you powers to fire people? I want you to immediately reverse the decision to drop Tafadzwa. That is not your job”.

Soon after the dressing down, Tafadzwa leaked the convo to the media at which she was quoted saying she is still Mighty Warriors manager.

She did not bother to inform the same media exactly what had happened, appearing like the scoop wasn’t really an exclusive.

But that decision has divided both opinion and the executive committee with some asking what was special about Tafadzwa, who also was topical when the now fired Warriors coach, Loga demanded that she be appointed Warriors manager, a position now held by Mpandare.

It is increasingly becoming clear that Tafadzwa is a toxic presence in football. Not very glad tidings are also coming from her other employer, where reports of the same shenanigans abound.

Ah some people……is Zim football bewitched by the dead?

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