Castlly offers new breath to film sector, content creators

Streaming platform Castlly Africa continues to make the waves in different places as consumers warm up to its advanced, unique and user friendly features.
 Wilson Chipangura, Guest Reporter

Streaming platform Castlly Africa continues to make the waves in different places as consumers warm up to its advanced, unique and user friendly features. 

The platform – a brainchild of young entrepreneur, Panashe Shoko, has two main services currently in operation namely distribution and advertising. 

In simple terms, Castlly is a digital media distribution platform for content creators, filmmakers and musicians. It is an alternative for YouTube and the fact that creators do not need to reach a certain quota in order to enjoy the benefits of their sweat means that it will be a big deal in short space of time. 

Already, Castlly has partnered with the likes of new television station KeYona TV, comedians Comic Pastor and Nigel Tha Slick Pastor among others. It has since extended a branch to film creators to take advantage of its over 6 million global viewership which spans across all clusters. 

People can buy content on the platform through EcoCash, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal with creators having the luxury to charge their content through a pay-per-view system or monthly subscription. 

“We do have standard guidelines when it comes to the content that we receive; however when it comes to genres, as creators we understand and are open to all kinds of genres because we believe in the power of creativity and communication in any form or way. 

“What makes Castlly different is that it gives the content creator full control over their own content. You control all your revenues once you open an account with us and you retain 100% of all your exclusive rights,” said Shoko, the founder and chief executive of Castlly. 

He made the sentiments during a virtual discussion dubbed “Film Marketing and Distribution in Zimbabwe: Now and the Future” organised by the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) in partnership with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) and Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation. 

“Apparently, the most prominent problems in the industry right now is distribution and marketing. We are solving both problems for present day filmmaker and we are disrupting the way films must be distributed and marketed. The Castlly model is the future of film distribution and marketing. 

“We figured out that if we solve the distribution problem, filmmakers will get the leverage that they need to produce more exciting content. The audience is thirsty and ready for content,” he said. 

Castlly revealed that they are currently negotiating with leading network operators Econet and Netone to introduce a Castlly bundle since data in Zimbabwe is relative expensive.

The initiative will prove to be good news for the local arts as consumers will have low cost access to quality content. 

“We understand how important data bundles are for viewers in Zimbabwe, and we are currently in talks with two leading networks namely Econet and Netone regarding a bundle for Castlly,” Shoko said.

Launched in April last year, Castlly is expertly designed to fight piracy which is sweet news to local creators whose progress has been stalled over the years due to the excessive pirating of their content. 

It has established itself in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Kenya.

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