China universities open way for international students to return

A number of universities in China have started sending emails to International students who have been stranded out of China due to COVID-19 since January 2020 to return to China.

International students have been stranded out of China due to COVID-19 since January 2020. But 2022 proved fortunate for International students.

International Students started moving back to China on special conditions.

A number of groups of students from Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan were moved to China in previous months. A group of 91 students moved back to China on the 19th of China.

According to the latest news, the COVID-19 condition in China is getting better and different Chinese universities have started sending emails to international students to return to China.

However, universities have mentioned some conditions for international students to follow strictly. Universities are asking for the willingness of the students to travel on their own expenditures.

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunication sent a letter to CSC (Chinese Government Scholarship) scholarship students who are outside of China.

The letter description is given below:

“Dear CSC scholarship students outside China, Hope this letter finds you well.

According to relevant arrangements by the Chinese Government, CSC scholarship students outside China may come back to China under the condition that you satisfy certain requirements and you want to come back out of your own willingness.

Please check the following requirements for coming back to China.

You should promise to abide by all requirements and rules stipulated by the Chinese Government and University.

You should shoulder by yourself all costs of returning which include air ticket fees, quarantine, and nucleic acid tests, etc.

You should strictly abide by the requirements of the Chinese embassy at your home country.

You should undergo quarantine at the point of entry in China (Days of quarantine will be decided by the current COVID-19 policy of China). You will be allowed to come back to university after being released from the quarantine.

You should undergo health monitoring by yourself at the designated dorm (Days of health monitoring will be decided by the current COVID-19 policy of the University. And you should not leave the room during health monitoring of yourself).

After the completion of health monitoring, you should promise, in the following one month, not to participate in any gatherings, not to take public transportation and not to go to places where many people are.

You should limit the sphere and frequency of your activity. And you should be cooperative with the nucleic acid tests arranged by the university.

Your reply of this email is required within 3 days whether you have decided to return or not. If any doubts, please feel no hesitation to send email at for inquiry.

With best regards,

International Students Affairs Office.”

The same returning notice was received by the international students of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT), Zhengzhou University (ZZU) and China Three Gorges University (CTGU).

Students are very hopeful that soon all International students will join their classes and labs physically.

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