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RosGwen24 News is one of the leading digital news platform established in 2013.

Its main thrust is to provide quality, verified information for current and future reference.

RosGwen24 News
RosGwen24 News

RosGwen24 News aims to support everyone with a space to showcase their talent and tell a story in digital and dot media format.

RosGwen24 News values your input through feedback, criticism, advertisement or partnerships.

We believe and subscribe to the four principles which keeps us going in our daily business and activities as listed below:-

Our Values:

  • Truth
  • Transparency
  • Justice
  • Philanthropy 

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As the media of choice, we invite you to join us in changing our African story and society for the better through any means that is sponsorshipadvertising with uspartnershipssharing our contentwriting to us and encouraging us in any way.

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