Fire Clueless Logarusic and Dissolve Zifa

Stop calling Zimbabwe national team The Warriors, it's a big insult to the word Warrior. Warriors are known for conquering enemies but these bunch of losers led by Logarusic are nowhere near Warriors.
Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, Sport Opinion 

Stop calling Zimbabwe national team The Warriors, it’s a big insult to the word Warrior. Warriors are known for conquering enemies but these bunch of losers are nowhere near Warriors. 

Call them villains, they are not brave, they can’t graft and they are just all over like headless chickens thanks to their awful coach Zdravko Logarusic

Local coaches were never given a chance by ZIFA, some fired for losing one game and got attacked by the media and fans for poor show yet this flop keeps getting the backing from his employers ZIFA. Perhaps its a case of inferiority complex eating on the brains of clueless ZIFA officials  who believe foreign is best.

Logarusic is a disaster on and off the pitch. He was a surprise choice to take over Zimbabwe national side the day he was given a job by the equally inept ZIFA. 

I don’t know who is worse, Loga as a coach, or ZIFA for letting that happen and refusing to give him the sack. Where is his CV and what has he brought to Zimbabwe football?  

If they keep this failure, its clear there is something which we are not told perhaps there are deals which are not made public. One win in 14 games in charge of Zimbabwe National team is perhaps one of his worst claims to fame.

The football coach plays a vital role within the team. He is responsible for coordinating and developing the strategies that players will carry out on the field of play. 

In the absence of communication or bad decisions of the coach, the team begins to fail and the football manager is strongly repudiated. Therefore the poor performance by Zim team during Loga’s reign should solely be blamed on him and his masters at ZIFA. It’s an institutional failure of the greatest magnitude.

Regardless of the volatility of the job, coaches  are the brains behind the results, as they spend countless hours perfecting tactics as well as playing patterns and even longer hours drilling such tactics into their players. 

Loga’s 14 games in charge of Zim National team is one of the more pitiful campaigns in Warriors history and forever will taint his already poor history. Awful Loga will be known mostly for his 14-game pitiful excuse of a management attempt and lying that he will take Warriors to Qatar World Cup finals.

Loga has made a mediocre career out of managing Zim football. He made a bad debacle of the Cosafa Cup with his flops leading the so called Warriors to the worst crash in Zimbabwe nation’s history in Cosafa tournament as they failed to even win a match in the group stage. His time at The Warriors has proved that football management is not for him. 

He should be told not to come back to Zim but fly back to his country Croatia from Addis Ababa. Loga’s time as the Warriors coach will forever cement him in the books as one of the worst ever foreign coaches in Zimbabwe if not Africa as a whole. Sack Loga now you bunch of confused clowns running ZIFA.

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