Hwende responds to Lilian Timveos’ accusations

HARARE - ZANU PF has continued with its protracted war of attrition against the MDC Alliance and its leadership according to secretariat Chalton Hwende.


ZANU PF continued its long war of attrition against the MDC alliance and its leaders.

The regime is using our former colleagues who left us and joined their dying regime to attack and destabilize the MDC alliance by spreading malicious lies and unscrupulous allegations, especially against me.

The intention is to weaken the leadership of the MDC Alliance and destabilize the party. This is not surprising since most regimes emerge from a coup and entrench themselves by co-opting opposition elements and systematically attacking their legitimate opponents.

We have been a natural target since our president won the 2018 election, which the regime stole from us.

While it is not my practice to respond to ZANU PF allegations regarding our internal affairs, I would like to address some of the concerns, considering that they are intended to harm both my personal integrity and, more importantly, to the reputation of the party.

Initially, allegations were made that party funds had been misappropriated. In addition to our successful audit (of party finances in the post-Congress 2019 period), I must say that we have proven systems for the use of financial resources in the organization that leave no room for misappropriation by any individual.

While humans are fallible, systems are fail-safe. I am proud of the systems we have in place that cannot be manipulated in the way proposed.

Second, the allegation that I tormented people in meetings to tears and even drove some to the absurd, deplorable and treacherous act that ZANU PF is ridiculous.

Constitutional meetings of party bodies have continued uninterrupted from Congress physically and virtually in cases where we are unable to meet physically due to lockdown restrictions.

The body chosen by the ZANU PF by the renegades, the Standing Committee, is headed by the leader of the party.

At all meetings of our Standing Committee, our Chair ensured that meeting etiquette was observed in accordance with our democratic principles of tolerance, diversity of opinion and freedom of expression.

Should it ever happen that a member feels unfairly treated by another, the party has competent mechanisms to raise grievances to ensure that our platforms remain safe spaces.

I declare here that if any member feels offended by my conduct, I am personally available and prepared to appear before party organs to respond to such allegations.

I ran for the Gweru Congress and had I not been elected, I would be ready and willing to work with the elected; It is my conviction and my confidence in the competence of our internal democracy.

In the same sense, I am open to criticism and correction. Either way, I know the current wave of attacks are being orchestrated by ZANU PF to drive a wedge between the SG and the President’s office.

These efforts will continue to fail miserably as I am not mistaken in fulfilling my mandate to serve the institution and unquestionably support our President Adv Nelson Chamisa.

For the record, those who left the MDC Alliance did so voluntarily and without undue pressure from anyone. No one was kicked out of the MDC Alliance.

It must surprise any well-meaning citizen that those who claim to shun the private insults of the MDC alliance are joining ZANU PF, a party that has a history of publicly insulting them, along with thousands of mutilated MDC alliances. and killed supporters. This kind of duplicity and betrayal is shocking.

We all know that those who left the MDC Alliance and joined ZANU PF did so to benefit from the patronage and corruption of ZANU PF. Others did so after failing to recover from their popularity contest loss at our 2019 election convention.

We will do a better job of providing needed psychological support for sore “losers” and providing members with an ideological guidance that in a democratic organization like the MDC Alliance, we all win when the best is used, and Congress does not maybe never is. the basis of a deadly bitterness.

Those who have chosen to join the gravy boat can do so, but they should never justify their treacherous behavior by spreading untruths and smearing those who have chosen to continue to fight and speak for the people.

Against all odds, the grassroots movement persevered, with the unwavering support of the unemployed graduate, the starving pensioner, the mother selling in the dusty streets of Harare, to the support of the farmer of the last cottage in Umguza.

Personally, I will never betray the cause of the people. We face a ruthless enemy, but we will overcome. The final call remains unchanged.

The journey is like a pendulum swing; the right swing measurement is the left swing measurement, but the final call remains unchanged, victory is certain.

Chalton Hwende, MDC Alliance Secretary General
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