Makandiwa changes mind on vaccines

Cleric, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has made a dramatic change on his views towards vaccines claiming that he never stopped his followers from getting a jab.

HARARE – Cleric, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has made a dramatic change on his views towards vaccines claiming that he never stopped his followers from getting a jab.

The leader of United Family International Church (UFIC), encouraged his devout followers all over to get vaccinated to protect their jobs and avoid arrest by the authorities. 

Makandiwa who made the remarks during a live service on Sunday, streamed on his YouTube and Facebook platforms also revealed that he has been vaccinated many times and will get vaccinated.

“There is no chip in the vaccine. There is no mark in the vaccine,” he said.

“Christians that are afraid, fearing for their lives and trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from receiving the ‘Mark of the Beast’ by refusing the vaccine, this COVID-19 vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast. 

“How many times did I say don’t rush? Don’t be the first, wait. If I say let them have it first, I am saying have it when. It’s amazing how as clear as that was. Don’t be in a rush because you were not the most affected. 

“If I say don’t be the first I am saying be the what, be the last or be the second. Because why should you be the first if you were not the first to create, it’s not your own creation. You don’t get into a shop, you don’t work there, you don’t buy, you don’t sell, you are not admitted in any hospital, your children are not allowed in schools. 

“It’s not just losing your job, you have lost your entire freedom. You are no longer existent as a human being, you are no longer considered, you are not there cause of one thing – vaccine.

“At that point you will go for the vaccine having already lost your job, so why lose your job yet you can be vaccinated right now and look after your family, especially now that you know it is not the Mark of the Beast. 

“Somebody who was less qualified for the job has now become qualified because of the vaccine. He comes to take your job and are they going to have you back. No more space. You have to keep your job, I want you to look after that that young man, that little boy is very important. 

“You need to work for your family. Again this is at a global scale, there is coming a time whereby you get arrested for not having it, if you are found in public places you have to be arrested. What are you going to do? What do you lose for getting vaccinated? And what do you lose for not getting a vaccine? 

“If you think that once I have received the vaccine I have lost it, God is out of me and I am in trouble and I have sinned, you need then to revisit your theology. That is not what the Bible teaches. I don’t want to hear a member or a follower who says I am not getting it because Prophet said don’t have it. Don’t drag my name into this, this is a personal choice that you need to make. 

“Talk to your doctor, get advise from him and then that is what you do. In as far as this matter is concerned, we have professionals who are dealing with the issue physically, practically. I deal with these issues from a scriptural standpoint, so what the doctors are telling you is what you need to do. 

“Follow what doctors are saying, when it comes to health matters let’s follow what doctors are saying. By doctors I guess you heard me well, it has to be doctors. The wisdom is in this, the reason why people are vaccinated like I have told you before I have been vaccinated personally before, I have received different vaccines. 

“I believe in vaccines, I support vaccines. God gives people wisdom to deal with problems. When we pray to God for healing, He gives us wisdom sometimes and we come up with ways of dealing with some of these pandemics.

“I believe in these things, we have medication in our house. We have painkillers in our house. The house of the Prophet as I am speaking to you right now, so I am never against vaccines and you are not hearing for the first time,” he said.

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