Mark Ngwazi drops Chamugwegwedu video

Highflying sungura artist Mark Ngwazi has finally released the video of the song Chamugwegwedu.
Wilson Chipangura, Guest Reporter  

High-flying sungura artist Mark Ngwazi has finally released the video of the song Chamugwegwedu

The video which was produced by Naxo Films is full of glitz and glamour, a rare thing that has accompanied sungura since the days of Tongai Moyo (now late) and a prime Leonard Zhakata. 

Typical of the Mark Ngwazi music, the song Chamugwegwedu which is one of the tracks from his last album Chamugwegwedu Chamatindike fuses the vernacular lyrics in most part with some English lines just like the ever-trending Taurai Madzoka

The video which combines a story narration and well choreographed dancing has been well received online with a number of viewers on YouTube expressing their satisfaction. 

“Mark taking sungura to another level. The message is very deep and inspiring. Last part you remind us about Mugove hitmaker Leonard Zhakata,” said one of the viewers who goes by the name Leonard Kandawasvika. 

Lighton Sengudzwa had this to say: “The future of Sungura is safe” while Brian Mkhize chose to take a moment to appreciate the video directors too by saying: “Video quality is so great, great work to the team behind the vid[eo].” 

The song Chamugwegwedu is more of a prayer by a concerned person who is in the midst of a spiritual war and an impending death but seeks God’s intervention. 

It brings to light the issues of dark science that dominates a family as each year one member dies as a way of fulfilling a ritual. 

The year promises to be a good one for Mark Ngwazi and the sungura revolution to go international is continuing unabated. 

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