Mellontik Orasi opens up on prophetic life shrouded in mystery

Mellontik Orasi, real name Obey Tichafa Gutu, of Christ Redemption Ministries has been making waves in the religious and music circles, especially in the African diaspora.

PRETORIA – Prophet Mellontik Orasi, real name Obey Tichafa Gutu, of Christ Redemption Ministries who is known for his powerful prophetic messages and gospel music, has been making waves in the religious and music circles, especially in the African diaspora.

In an exclusive interview with RosGwen24 News recently Prophet Mellontik Orasi opened up on his calling, ministry in the diaspora, controversy, and music ahead of his Night of Turnaround My Prophecy Night service in Harare slated for 13th May.

Below are excerpts from the wide ranging interview.

What is the meaning of Mellontik Orasi?

Mellontik Orasi is a Greek name I translated from the nickname I was given by my father who just passed on last week. I was nicknamed Gwangudze – an eye in the future, (muonera kumberi). I used to foretell events, funerals and rain patterns in early teenage years.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
How has been the ministry in terms of challenges and progress since accepting your calling?

Really to be honest with you the ministry has been facing a number of challenges since starting. Some of the challenges being that I have been facing unnecessary criticism. I have been facing a lot of pressure from outside were people attacking you for just being yourself. For example there is one young man whom we stopped from serving in the ministry because he was very aggressive and not responding well to others to such an extend that he even fought with his girlfriend in front of the church. When I stopped him from the church, he went around speaking lies and trying pull me down but God being faithful we managed to remain in the ministry. We have faced challenges, some of them were actually pointing us towards a direction of stopping but we didn’t stop rather we continued doing the work of God.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
You have been regarded as a controversial prophet. How do you deal with that everyday and manage criticism?

Usually in terms of criticism I focus on my calling. On people criticising, they are always there to criticise. Even Jesus Christ when he was there he was heavily criticised for things that he knew he was right but he didn’t go to the public to defend himself. He left room for the spirit to conclude the matter. In most cases when I get criticised I don’t even mind about it because there must be room for criticism whether constructive or destructive. It will all work for good in the long run.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
Can you talk about the Livingstone Sunhwa prophecy and clear the air on the controversy surrounding it?

Going back to the issue of Livingstone if you remember well I was the first person to post this and giving the headmaster a time limit of 96 days to start talking to me or start talking then what happened is I received a lot of threats and attacks and criticism from different angles of society. People were attacking me. In the end the two posts that I wrote on Facebook, I wrote them in my emotional and personal capacity not spiritual capacity in any way. I was pressured or pushed by people to react that way. It’s something that lies in the past and I don’t usually want to refer to it or talk about it. I think I have moved on and I am a person who has never missed a prophecy. Whatever I wrote about that Livingstone story, there was no prophetic utterance to it. There was no claim that this is what the LORD has shown me. It was not written in any prophetic manner. In that regard, if a person writes it and say you prophesied this when a person just wrote a normal post, it’s very wrong.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
How have you been accepted in South Africa compared to other areas?

I am well accepted and received in South Africa than in any area. In South Africa if you can check we have a branch in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Springs, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town. We also have in Rustenburg or Limpopo. Almost every place where we think, if I can wake up and say I will go to this place tomorrow and hold a service there, I will go there and have it in such a place. If you just check on social media, if you want to start a war write something negatively, you will find that a lot of comments are from South Africans defending me. I am well received by South Africans more than I am in my own country.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
Why do you keep posting about the late Prophet TB Joshua and is that not necromancy?

There is nothing much that I want from the (late) Prophet TB Joshua or whatsoever. Whether it’s necromancy or what, I would say no. It’s only that he impacted on my life on a greater scale. How he helped me in life and aligned me to my spiritual calling and how most of the time people usually relate and see the prophet in me, that’s why I am so attached to him. He is the reason why I took my calling and he was the inspiration. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
Let’s talk about your venture into music of late. How are people receiving your music?

People are receiving our music warmly. I released my first single Inzwi Renyu Ndinonzwa which was a dedication to my father and mother. It was well received, the song was an instant hit. I had to write those pieces, the LORD had shown me that I had limited time with my parents. I had to write my father’s favourite song so that he hears me singing it before goes to the LORD. We thank God a lot that he managed to hear the song and enjoy it before he passed on. People are receiving the music very well, we have a number of songs that have become sing-along, for example there is a song called Anodambura Makashu, wherever I go once I sing that song people will start to sing along.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
Any plans for an album?

We have a 12 track album called “Genesis” that is coming up in October when we hold my father’s memorial I am going to launch the album in my rural home. I am going to take the whole band and play the album there officially launching it. I have collaborated with Leonard Karikoga Zhakata, Romeo Gasa and Tatenda Pinjisi on the album.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
The dancing prophet. Is it something you started late or you were always into dancing?

I have always wanted to dance for God and ever since I stepped into ministry I have been dancing for him. Even before I started singing I used to dance but now I usually dance with my wife, dancing for the LORD. What makes me dance for the LORD is that I was involved in an accident to the extend of almost having my leg being amputated and I made my vow on the hospital bed that God if this leg is not cut it will dance for you until the day you take me away. That is why I emphasise on dancing for God. I dance until the leg becomes painful.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
What advice would you give to some young prophets or believers out there facing some challenges you have had in your ministry?

My advice to young preachers is God is love and whatever you face just know that God doesn’t allow problems that are bigger than you to bother you. I just want to urge anyone passing through some hardships to continue trusting in God.

– Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi
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