Phalatse confident of reinstatement as Joburg mayor

JOHANNESBURG — Johannesburg former mayor Mpho Phalatse said she was confident of being reinstated to the top job after being “unlawfully” ousted in a vote of no confidence last month.

The former mayor has since challenged the decision in the South Gauteng High Court on Wednesday.

Phalatse, a Democratic Alliance (DA) party official said current Joburg mayor Dada Morero does not legitimately assume the position.

In a statement, the DA argues that a programming committee meeting on 29 September and a subsequent extraordinary council meeting the following day were unlawful.

The party claims that the programming committee meeting did not quorate and therefore had no power to call a full council meeting.

The DA has also alleged that the ANC used funds siphoned from the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC), a city entity, to bribe some councillors to vote for Morero as mayor.

Phalatse said talks were underway to strengthen multiparty ties in Johannesburg in case there was another vote of no confidence against her when she was reinstated as mayor.

“Anyway, there will be another motion and we will fight it in Council. We will fight it legally. Whatever the result, it must be a legal result and it must be legitimate.

“Whoever the mayor is, our residents, stakeholders and the like, they must be assured that they are dealing with a legitimate mayor of the City of Johannesburg,” the former mayor said.

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