Pius Jamba convicted in Moreblessing Ali murder case

Pius Jamba Mukandi was found guilty on Monday for the May 2022 murder of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Moreblessing Ali.

HARARE – Zanu PF member Pius Jamba Mukandi was found guilty on Monday for the May 2022 murder of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Moreblessing Ali.

However, Justice Esther Muremba ruled that Ali‘s murder was not politically motivated.

The 33-year-old convict will be sentenced on December 20.

Jamba had pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, asserting that Ali’s body was strategically placed in his mother’s well to frame him.

Justice Muremba, nevertheless, deemed the prosecution’s evidence compelling, stating, “We’re satisfied that the accused is the person who killed Moreblessing Ali because he was the last person to be seen with her.”

“The state witnesses impressed the court as credible witnesses. They gave corroborating evidence.”

While delivering the judgment at the Harare High Court, Justice Muremba clarified, “It is common cause that the accused and Ali interacted, and their interaction was not in the positive.

“It is also common cause that Ali did not go home after drinking at the nightclub on May 24, and she was never seen alive again.”

Despite Pius Jamba’s vocal disagreement during the reading of the judgment, the judge maintained that the evidence was strong and that his late challenge to some witnesses couldn’t be considered.

Justice Muremba also clarified that the murder was not politically motivated.

“No evidence was put before the court to confirm that the murder was politically motivated,” she asserted.

CCC activist Moreblessing Ali
FILE: Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Moreblessing Ali was abducted by suspected state agents on Tuesday 24 May 2022.

During the trial, the investigating officer, Arison Mirimbo, revealed that initial witness statements suggested Ali was a member of the opposition and implicated Jamba’s cousin Simba Chisango, a Zanu PF district chairman, in the murder.

However, subsequent investigations found no political motivation or Chisango’s involvement.

Ali went missing after a confrontation with Jamba at a Nyatsime nightclub on May 24, 2022.

Moreblessing Ali’s decomposed remains were discovered two weeks later in a well at Pius Jamba’s mother’s homestead.

In his voluntary statement to the police, Pius Jamba confessed to killing Ali after a verbal altercation and then dismembering her body.

The motive stemmed from a disagreement over Jamba’s kicking of Ali’s dog and his refusal to pay for nuts taken from a vendor.

Justice Muremba’s ruling concluded a trial that uncovered a tragic chain of events leading to Ali’s murder, bringing a measure of justice for the slain activist.

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