Quonfuzed : One Zim Artist With Many Lives

Quonfuzed has been able to confuse the Zimbabwe music industry with good music coupled with super telling yet interesting visuals for a while.
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Quonfuzed has been able to confuse the music industry with good music coupled with super telling yet interesting visuals.

His input and works is a plus to the Zimbabwean music in general.

As of late he has become a machine of hit-songs. He has been able to amply satisfy his target audience (lovers and party fanatics).

Songs like “Nine” , “Shisha” to mention a few will facilitate the violation of Covid-19 restrictions and curfews when they are played in clubs because they are too good to mislead people that the night is still young. 

He is one of the few Zimdancehall artists who has managed to make a musical second coming especially in the advent of the changing musical trends.

He came back on steroids and his combination with Ti Gonzi reminds me of the WWE tag team of John Cena and Randy Orton, they kill the beats!

Songs like “Handichambokufunga” , “Mundirangarirewo” will take you on a musical ride.

Musically he has many lives, the same Quonfuzed who rode hard core Zimdancehall riddims like One Clan, Bodyslam and Zimbo Flavour.

The same person who also had a lyrical confrontation with Seh Calaz and was also a participant of the 2014 Sting has become the ladies man juggling on to some Afro-beats lately.

He has proved to be one of the best love ambassadors in the musical scene.

Quonfuzed is capable of flexing his musical muscles well tackling and addressing all the variants and dimensions of love be it heartbreaks, happy moments and the otherwise.

Songs like Goodnight, Personal person and  Perfect feeling, just to mention a few hits hard to the chest. 
Musically speaking, the superstar has a mindset that envy for the growth of the industry.

He has been keen to ensure the rise of other artists by collaborating with them.

He worked with artists like Kae Chaps and Holy Ten before their official musical breakthroughs.

Quonfuzed remains one of the few artists who owed his success to hard work and re-branding and is doing without depending much on airplay.

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