REVEALED: Rutendo Makuti Seduced Prophet T Freddy With Nudes

HARARE – A woman accusing preacher Tapiwa Freddy of rape sent him nude photos and told him she was horny, a court heard on Thursday.

HARARE — Rutendo Makuti, the woman who accused preacher Tapiwa Freddy of rape, sent him nude photos and told him she was horny, a court heard on Thursday.

The married founder of the Ministry of Goodness and Mercy denies the rape and insists he had consensual sex with the 33-year-old radio host.

An audio of an alleged telephone conversation between Freddy and the Rutendo Makuti was also played in court.

A woman who the defense says is the alleged victim tells the preacher, “I’m hungry, I want sex. I can’t control my sexual feelings.”

The audio call, the defense said, was from the alleged victim’s number. The defense also presented WhatsApp conversations between the two as evidence of a relationship.

Rutendo Makuti denied it was his voice in the audio.

Magistrate Gloria Takundwa also saw nude photos of Freddy’s accusers, which the preacher claims he sent her willingly.

While Rutendo Makuti admitted it was her in the photos, he denied sending them to Freddy.

She said Freddy was so jealous he sometimes kept his phone, and she suspects he took the opportunity to send himself the photos, including one of his bath, which she says was that of her late husband.

Freddy’s lawyer, Everson Chatambudza, charged: “You lured the defendant into your bed. Are you still denying it?

She denied the allegation.

Makuti claims she was raped in her Mount Pleasant Heights home in November 2020 after Freddy stalked her for months as she mourned the loss of her husband.

Freddy denies the charges and says she became hostile after ending the relationship and resisting his attempts to extort money from him.

The court process continues.

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