Time to Log out of Zifa experiments

The cartel that brought Loga, who has turned out to be a huge fraud to happen to our game since a certain Jorge Silva come through at Dynamos FC.
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HARARE (Log)- The issue of the Zim Foreign Legion and Team Zimbabwe involvement in our football administration provoked some very interesting debate on the depths to which our football has sunk under this administration?

Well, what can not be disputed is that our football has been captured by the Guptas. The assembly has been muted into silence by the captors and this has also seen the general administration suffering worse capture.

Our national team offers easy target because of the huge interest from the stakeholders. The potential to grow as a nation is there for all to see and a lot of well meaning people like Marshall Gore, Mistry Chipere, Philip Zulu and Nyambuya among others, have all converged to “assist” the nation progress football wise.

What this shows is our football has inadequacies to be filled. Our game has gaps to be plugged and that the FA is doing nothing about it.

These groupings have met varying levels of acceptability by the FA and those charged with running our national team.

The clash of interests have seen some unsavoury happenings like when the corrupt Technical Director, Wilson Mutekede used one of these groupings to influence the employment of coach Loga and the selection of some players.

Some of the payers have performed so badly that it has left people wondering what happened to meritocracy. Worse, the cartel that brought Loga, who has turned out to be a huge fraud to happen to our game since a certain Jorge Silva come through at Dynamos FC.

The story by The Page on Thursday torched huge debate, provoking the ZFL to issue out a statement, which clearly showed we had touched a raw nerve. 

Well, that is football and I respect the grouping for their undying love for the game and their disappointment with Loga. Criticism comes with the territory. And Loga was brought by a Mutekede fronted cartel.

Everyone is agreed Loga should go and that ZIFA administration of our national teams is corrupt. The Technical and Development Committee is meeting tomorrow to hear their submission but what is clear is that with Loga, public patience is gone and Zifa can endear themselves to the fans by parting ways with the Croat.

Football needs everyone but each to his own. We can not allow cartels to run our football. Does anyone remember the fight between these cartels over the management of Alec Mudimu? 

It was so sad. Does anyone remember some players asked to pay some money into some account to be called? Or some players trusting more these fans groupings than the officials at 53 Livingstone Ave?

Has anyone heard how Under 20/23 coach Tonderai Ndiraya being inundated with interested cartels and parents of some dubious players to be selected? Is that fair on the coach? What do they want the coach to do? Is that football?

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