An Interplay of Hope and Positivity: Draze's Born To Win Delivers

United States-based contemporary artist Dumi Maraire who is known the the musical world as Draze has released a new song "Born to Win" featuring Owuor Arunga and King Dzashe. 
Argus Mepo, Entertainment Reporter 

HARARE – United States-based contemporary artist Dumi Maraire who is known in the musical world as Draze has released a new song “Born to Win” featuring Owuor Arunga and King Dzashe. 

A second listen immediately brought a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling I am quite sure a lot of us can relate to. 

The feeling of being unapologetically faded and still yearn to succeed. Sounds familiar right? 

The song was accompanied by a revealing and good video that adds a lot of weight to the message which the song is portraying.

It is a positive dose that powers people to yearn for more! 

The project has African roots, from the production side.

The Zimbabwean flavour was perfectly blended with hip hop to create a finer musical product that is consumable.

The visuals as well, brand Zimbabwe was well catered for. 

It gave severe punches to the struggles that the human race faces in their pursuit of greener pastures and good life.

Nevertheless, it also leaves an aura of hope and injects a winning spirit into the DNA. 

Most people especially here in Zimbabwe can relate to the song, the video dovetailed with the audio well. There is a scene in the video were the duo stole books in a bookshop. 

However, back home people have been resorting to making money through illicit and unscrupulous means.

With such content that people can relate to, Draze is assured of unwavering support because they relate with his sound and hits hard to the daily struggles they encounter. 

Draze is an emerging frontman-cum-storyteller who is also a good example as he sings his heart out to share his uncontrollable feelings to life issues, underlining how important he is since he was born to win. 

After successfully dominating the entertainment sector in LA as a music writer for Hollywood TV shows and movies, he has proved that making music is his second calling as he can do it perfectly well. 

This song is one of the songs to watch out for in 2021 as it is filled with positivity and motivation needed to kickstart the day and to run through the daily struggles of life. 

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