Chapman tears into Chamisa, Zanu PF for Zim crisis

Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) leader Robert Chapman, claims that officials from Zanu PF and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) actually "play and eat" together and are misleading Zimbabweans.

MUTARE, Zimbabwe – In a scathing address to journalists, Robert Chapman, the leader of the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ), accused officials from the ruling Zanu PF party and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) of engaging in collusion and neglecting the development of the country.

Chapman made these remarks during a meeting with party members in Dangamvura, Mutare last Saturday.

Highlighting the missed opportunities during the Government of National Unity (GNU), Chapman expressed his disappointment in the lack of progress since then.

“There was great opportunity and light at the end of the tunnel when we had the GNU. We started seeing Zimbabwe becoming more prosperous and things started to change.

“Unfortunately, those folks that were in the GNU are still part of the system right now. They sit and eat at the same table. They were even given US$40,000 (housing loans) each,” Chapman revealed.

Chapman went on to allege that officials from both parties shared close relationships, including joint business ventures and legal representation.

“Those people own companies together; they represent each other in their business, and lawyers from the opposition are representing companies owned by officials from the ruling party founded fraudulently,” he claimed, suggesting a worrisome level of collusion.

The DUZ leader called on Zimbabweans to take action and vote for change, warning of dire consequences if the Zanu PF government were to continue in power for another five years.

“If you have a councillor or an MP and the system has not been working for you for a long period in your area, then it is high time you removed them from office.

“Why would you vote for a person who has been in power for a long period but without bringing development? Then why should we continue voting for those people?” Chapman questioned.

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FILE PHOTO: Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) leader Robert Chapman.

Drawing inspiration from recent political shifts in other African countries such as Zambia and Lesotho, Chapman asserted that DUZ was ready to bring about economic prosperity, justice, and modernisation to Zimbabwe.

He urged citizens to register and support the DUZ in the upcoming elections.

“DUZ has come to change the game. Politics is now shifting. Look at what has happened in Zambia and Lesotho among other African countries; new parties are taking over, and we are ready for that.

“DUZ is going to bring economic prosperity, justice, and modernisation to Zimbabwe. If we keep them in power for the next five years, it will be expensive and painful for Zimbabweans,” Chapman cautioned.

Pishai Muchauraya, the secretary-general of DUZ and a former legislator, expressed the party’s readiness to deliver.

“In the politics of today, there is no longer the big brother mentality. As DUZ, we are ready for the elections. We have the people and structures throughout the country. We are going to contest in all council and parliamentary elections,” Muchauraya affirmed.

DUZ is set to launch its election campaign in Bulawayo, with Muchauraya anticipating a significant turnout of supporters.

He also noted that many disgruntled members from other parties had joined DUZ, emphasising that the party was inclusive and well-prepared to secure victory in the upcoming elections.

“DUZ is for everyone, and we have our strategies in place to win these elections. President Chapman has come in place to unite people and develop our country, which is in a mess,” Muchauraya added.

During the meeting, Chapman also addressed the ongoing economic crisis in Zimbabwe, likening it to the hyperinflation era of 2008.

He expressed concern over the soaring prices of basic commodities, painting a bleak picture of the country’s current situation.

As Zimbabwe gears up for the upcoming elections, the allegations made by the DUZ leader have sparked further debate about the need for change and accountability in the nation’s political landscape.

Citizens are now faced with the crucial task of deciding the future trajectory of Zimbabwe and whether a new political force can bring the promised prosperity and development.

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