COVID-19: New Deadly Wave Hits Australia

SYDNEY - A deadly coronavirus wave has hit Australia with cases spread across the country from the outbreak in Sydney suspected to be a Delta variant.

SYDNEY — A deadly wave of coronavirus has hit Australia, with cases spreading across the country from the Sydney outbreak believed to be a delta variant.

The number of cases of the contagious variant has since risen to 128 and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison met senior leaders on Monday to discuss how to handle the recent spike.

Queensland, Sydney, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, among others, are currently the hardest hit by the recent outbreak.

According to BBC News, “Just a week ago, Sydney was in almost Covid-free bliss – with people crowding into restaurants and dancing in clubs. But Delta’s rapid spread has upended the “new normal.”

The tribe is now associated with three out of four clusters affecting Australia.

“Experts say the nation’s defenses have been repeatedly battered by the powerful variant. It has breached the hotel’s quarantine multiple times, raising concerns about airborne transmission.

The latest data updated online on Monday shows Australia has a total of 30,528 and 910 deaths.

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