Farai Jere needs to shut up!

CAPS United President Farai Jere has come under scrutiny over his delusional statement attacking fans calling for him to sell the club in the wake of a financial crisis.
Makomborero Mutimukulu, Sports Analyst

At best Farai Jere is far from eloquent.

When he gets emotional he stops making the little sense his tongue is cursed, not blessed, with.

Some are saying he is broke hence the sell of those two Eastlea houses and the struggles at CAPS United.

But its only him who knows the truth about his financial position.

But with money or no money one thing we know that Farai Jere struggles with is making sense when he speaks.

And his press conference yesterday was total disaster.

It exposed how he is bereft of “bars”.

His media advisors ought to have told him two things.

1) Holding a presser on the same day as ZIFA was just not good optics. Just look at the way Jere was seated at that Gift Banda addressed presser! His mind was not there.

2) And most importantly they should have told Jere to avoid showing the world that he is cracking.

Well, they did not and now their Emperor is exposed.

Ranting and calling potential suitors stupid people who have just made money won’t get Jere far.

Instead, it makes him come across as unhinged and struggling under the rumoured financial burden.

Let’s listen to what the unhappy Farai Jere had to say!

“That’s stupidity, people will just be talking to impress the public. They would be saying we have money but he (Jere) doesn’t want to sell (CAPS United).

“But the moment they come to my office, I give them everything, the breakdown, you need US$40 000 per month to run CAPS United, they never come back,” Jere said during the media briefing.

And he wasn’t done!

“We are not talking of someone who has just got some money, we are talking of consistency, for how many years would they be able to run this team, not someone who has got money now. Do you understand? (We are talking of) sustainability.

“We look into the future, are you able to sustain this? I am very proud of having run CAPS United over the last 18 years, since 2004, this is 2022, the consistency, who has got it, they should come forward.

“We will give them the team, no problem, not a problem at all, not just talking, pub talk, that we have approached them and they refused the sponsorship, that’s pub-talk.

“Understand the issue of pub-talk, people talking while drinking beer, showing off that I have the money, let them come and we sit on the table, I can even give them the team without paying the money, I am telling you this on record.

“You take the team but I want to see if you have got the money to sustain this team even for 12 months, just for 12 months and no one has ever come back, I am telling you from an authority point of view.

“I am just seeing these reports coming up but people should come, they should have the money, I love CAPS United and I will do due diligence of making sure that whoever wants to take over CAPS United has the capacity to sustain the team.

“I need to know that you can run the team at least for the next 12 months. I have been running this team and I will tell you the highlights which shows you that I love this team.

“As the CAPS United president, you understand, I took this team to the group stages of the CAF Champions League for the first time (in 2017).

“At one point, in the preliminary stages, we left this country at 11am, went to the DR Congo to play TP Mazembe and we returned soon after the match, that’s money, not pub-talk.

“I am challenging whoever has the money to come and see me and I want you (as the media) to come with them.

“I love this team so much and I don’t want to give it to someone who we can say has got a windfall, someone who has made money this month, I have been running this team for 18 years.

“I have entertained those who have approached me and the moment I tell them the monthly bill they need to sustain CAPS United, they don’t come back, this is on record.

“I cannot talk of how many people have approached me but I can tell you I have been approached and what I said is exactly what has happened.

“Everyone who has come to me asking how much is needed to run CAPS United per month, I have told them, you need US$30 000 and they haven’t come back but I can tell you we actually need US$40 000 to run the team per month.”

Wooow, how low can one get?

Its Gold Again.

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