Kasukuwere reportedly met journalists to spread propaganda

Zimbabwe’s former Youth Minister during Robert Mugabe’s penultimate tenure as President, Saviour Kasukuwere reportedly met with journalists in South Africa, according to George Charamba's encrypted Tweet.

JOHANNESBURG – Former Zimbabwean Youth Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who served during Robert Mugabe’s penultimate term as President, has reportedly held a meeting with Zimbabwean journalists in South Africa.

The development was unveiled through a cryptic tweet from President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s spokesperson George Charamba.

Using his Twitter handle JMwanda2, Charamba posted:

“Check this out Zimbos: a group of on-line cashvists and cub-editors were in RSA recently where they were regaled by Kasukuwere and political company in readiness for an oppositional information blitz. The motley crowd included characters offloaded by Trevor Ncube at AMH.”

Kasukuwere has been residing in South Africa since the November 2017 coup that led to a change in the Zimbabwean government.

Former ZANU PF official Saviour Kasukuwere delivering a State of the Nation address.
FILE: Former ZANU PF official Saviour Kasukuwere delivering a State of the Nation address.

Speculation has arisen about the potential revival of the G40 party, especially following the passing of former President Mugabe.

However, no official confirmation has been provided regarding these reports.

This meeting in South Africa highlights the ongoing political activities and discussions within the Zimbabwean political landscape.

While the exact nature of these discussions remains veiled, they are indicative of the evolving political dynamics in the nation and its diaspora.

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