Chamisa’s new party in Bulawayo double candidates storm

Zanu-PF has been caught in a storm of sponsoring confusion within the newly-formed Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa, creating alternative by elections candidates for the party.

BULAWAYO — Zanu PF has been caught in a storm of confused patronage within the fledgling Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) in creating alternative election candidates for the party.

The Citizens Coalition for Change reportedly fielded dual candidates on Wednesday to contest at least two municipal by-elections in Bulawayo, exposing regime-sponsored differences in the party’s upper echelons.

All four candidates were accepted by the nominating court sitting in Bulawayo in Wards 9 and 26 ahead of by-elections scheduled for March 26.

Norman Hlabani, who was a Ward 26 councilor before being recalled by the MDC-T, managed to submit his papers but Mpumelelo Moyo was also accepted.

In Ward 9, Donaldson Mabutho – recalled as councilor in September 2020 – was accepted as a CCC candidate, as was Bekithemba Nyathi.

Hlabani and Mabutho had their papers signed by the party’s national vice president, Job Sikhala, and general secretary Charlton Hwende, while the vice president, Professor Welshman Ncube and Siphiwe Ncube, reportedly endorsed Moyo and Nyathi.

The debacle could conspire to see the party lose quarters by split votes – unless the second candidate from each quarter steps down.

Hwende said: “I’m trying to find out exactly what happened.”

Professor Ncube said: “The question you should ask yourself is: who signed for the candidate who was overwhelmingly rejected by the people? It was not me. You keep asking the wrong question.

Hlabani claimed there was an uncomfortable “power-sharing” arrangement within the party that was confusing.

“That’s how it is. When the parents don’t have principles, when the parents don’t have a family policy and you have a mother who claims to be responsible for a household and a father who claims the same when the two are not together to make a welfare decision hitting a house does exactly that,” he said.

“A father says to follow that line, then a stepfather gives his own instructions. In a normal line up, if there is one bull all the cattle will line up, if there are two bulls this will be the result. It didn’t start now, it happened before to the extent that there is power sharing within the House.

Hlabani said he wasn’t too worried about his chances of winning.

“It’s not my chances, it’s the leadership chances. If they think it’s healthy, the ball is in their court,” he fumed.

Mabutho, meanwhile, angrily lashed out at Professor Ncube, accusing him of “evil deeds” before claiming “his head will roll”.

He fumed: “What I can say is it’s amazing. We had two national signatories who signed for our candidates, namely the Honorable Charlton Hwende and the Honorable Job Sikhala, but the one who signed for the papers in Bulawayo were Vice President Ncube and Siphiwe Ncube.

“I can’t say it’s a sad day, it’s something God wants to reveal. Usually there’s something called the permissive will of God whereby God allows certain situations to arise. to a child who is destined to eventually achieve fame.

“There are lessons to be learned, in fact it’s a big eye opener, people are exposed for their bad deeds. We’re not worried, I know my residents will vote for me in full in Ward 9 and we’re getting that back. neighborhood. I’m not worried that we have duplicate candidates. I’m really glad the evil was revealed.

“We said we built the new, but some people want to derail the new. This amounts to betrayal and we as a young member cannot accept this, heads will roll I can tell you that. I can assure you of that. The leaders of the signatories, VP Ncube and Siphiwe.

“The association of local residents is bubbling, the association of sellers is bubbling. We will calm it down. People know their leader.

Party leader Nelson Chamisa said the CCC would no longer hold democratic primaries.

Instead, the party leadership has developed a new mechanism by which candidates are selected through “stakeholder engagement”.

Meanwhile, the candidates who held the seats before their re-election felt they deserved another chance to regain the seats, which caused conflicts with the new candidate selection process.

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