Accept Reality – We Are Not Good At Football in Zimbabwe as We Think

Let's stop making excuses as Zimbabwe and accept that we are just not that good in terms of football.
Yvonne Mangunda, Opinion

We need to stop making excuses as Zimbabwe, hee nhingi haapo, hee dai nhingi wediaspora aripo (ivo vaya vemadzitateguru or parents from here), we had no league, match fixing, no money being given players etc.

We have used different excuses over the years.

Reality is we have failed under many coaches, been whipping boys of this tournament under many coaches. Targeted individual players at different editions.

The truth is we are not as good as we think we are. Loving the sport as a nation does not translate to be good.

In the past year, we have been knocked out of COSAFA (which was where we dominated), been whipping boys in World Cup Qualifier group and now AFCON.

Let’s stop making excuses and accept that we are just not that good.

It’s the reason we are still stuck on Dream Team and its wonderful type of play.

It comforts us than confront the fact that we are now whipping boys.

Football has no shortcuts, it will come back to bite you.

Look at where our players play, Zambia, Tanzania, even South Africa a few are in the PSL , the rest are in ‘DIVISION ONE’ of Mzansi.

Our European based, save for Marvelous, Tino and Marshall play in lower leagues, that’s a sign of quality at our disposal.

Added to that is no junior development focus, no long term planning.

Mapeza who we are crying about has been dominating local league with FC Platinum. If he is also struggling with the team, what does it say about the quality of local coaches?

If Mhofu rated highly, failed at the last tournament, what does it say about our Zimbabwe coaches? If highly rated Pasuwa also failed?

Are our players very bad or its how they are being groomed?

Are there systems in place to ensure they know the basics?

Is our system right from junior to senior level?

What quality of play do we see in our top flight league?

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