Couple File For Divorce An Hour After Marriage

YUNNAN — A young couple filed for divorce an hour after receiving their marriage license, with the wife demanding 300,000 yuan ($46,455) in damages from the husband. 

YUNNAN – A young couple filed for divorce an hour after receiving the marriage certificate, with the wife seeking 300,000 yuan ($46,455) in damages from the husband.

After the case went to court, the divorce petition was not approved by the judge.

The ridiculous newlyweds are from Yunnan province in southwest China, where the husband is a student and the wife is a nurse.

It was the husband who filed for divorce immediately after the wedding, arguing that he did not want to marry and decided to do so under pressure from his wife.

He claimed he actually broke up with her before the wedding, but she repeatedly texted him to harass him and encourage him to make a hasty decision.

In response to the husband’s divorce petition, the wife argued that he deliberately deceived the marriage and demanded compensation of 300,000 yuan.

Since the two parties could not agree on the divorce, both parties filed for divorce in court. After hearing the case, the court ruled that the two had an emotional basis and the husband could not prove that their relationship had broken down, and ultimately the divorce petition was not supported.

The incident sparked heated debate among Chinese Internet users.

A netizen commented on Chinese Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo that marriage deserves respect and should not be treated as child’s play.

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