Crystal Meth Drug Dealers Arrested In Harare

HARARE – Police recovered crystal methamphetamine worth Z$1.7 million (about US$15,000) after a high-speed chase in central Harare which led to the arrest of two women and a man, a court heard on Friday.

HARARE – Police have seized 1.7 million Zimbabwean dollars (about $15,000) worth of crystal meth (methamphetamine) after a high-speed chase through central Harare led to the arrest of two women and a a man, according to sources heard in court on Friday.

Kudakwashe Charles Mapara, 25, Gertrude Glenara, 21, and Natasha Gamuchirai Chari, 23, were charged with illegally trafficking dangerous drugs before Harare Judge Stanford Mambanje, who remanded them until Monday for their decision to bail.

The court heard detectives from CID Drugs in Harare received reports on August 24 this month that drug dealers, driving a silver Honda Fit, were attempting to deliver illegal drugs to the NetOne building in the center of Harare.

Police observed that the target vehicle was parked in Kaguvi Street, which is next to the NetOne building. Glenara was driving and Chari was her passenger.

As detectives approached the vehicle, Glenara drove away at high speed, resulting in a chase.

The police finally managed to force the Honda Fit to stop at the intersection of Samora Machel and Rekai Tangwena streets.

Police found four bags of crystal meth in the vehicle. Glenara and Chari, the court heard, were both involved in Mapara.

Police searched Mapara’s home and saw him throwing a white substance, sources said.

Police found two more bags of drugs and 108 grams of cannabis. The recovered crystal meth drugs have a street value of Z$1,770,905, while the cannabis is valued at Z$9,000.

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