Five Young Zim Artists To Emulate

HARARE - Talent alone is not necessarily enough for artists to have fruitful careers, build long lasting legacy and break new grounds musically.
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HARARE – Talent alone is not necessarily enough for artists to have fruitful careers, build long lasting legacy and break new grounds musically. 

A whole lot of attributes are needed to compliment talent and that is why many talented artists have lost relevance and faded because they failed to tap into other critical music nuggets in order to further their careers. 

The following artists are extremely talented and posses some of the qualities and attributes that other artists must tap into so that they can reach to the top. 

a) Winky D – Influence 

The Bigman is one of the most influential icons of our times. His music carries weight, is influential and  sometimes is in response to the bedevilling social, political and economic issues of the day and moreover he is also a super entertainer. 

He has diverse hits in his musical catalogue which accounts for the influence he has, indeed he is the Bigman in the game. 

He is one of the few artists who trends without any project or scandal on cards, he is loved and has scores of loyalists cum die hard fans on the digital spaces and all over. 

This kind of influence is necessary in ensuring that music reaches a wider and broader audience, it is also lucrative because it also translate into lucrative deals. 

b) Ex Q – Consistency  

Mr Putiti is one of the most serving artists in the game and he has been around for almost two decades now. 

Even when the urban grooves genre went off the radar, his musical light never deemed, it remained sparkling and glowing. 

His consistency is a product of talent plus hard work, a lot of one hit wonders and faded artists must extract some rich musical insights from this man, his name deserves amongst the legends as far as music is concerned. 

c) Nutty O – Stamina 

When talent meets stamina a bombshell is created. King Fawad is an extremely talented artist who knows how to juggle and dribble with lyrics as well as with different beats and rhythms and this has catapulted his ever-growing career to greater heights. 

He recently released one of the best albums the Mustard Seed which was an interplay of massive creativity and finesse which has received positive reception from all over the world. 

Fellow artists must also learn to blend talent and stamina so as to break some musical barriers and to widen their audience. 

d) Jah Prayzah – Relevance 

The Uzumba bred artist  is way ahead he knows how to play his musical cards well.

Lyrically he is gifted. 

On the continent, he has made a brand that is now know out there and he has been releasing stunning visuals which have changed the game. 

All this has made him one of the most relevant artists in the land, he does not have a home ground, he is loved  and known by people of all ages across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe. This relevance is necessary in using music as a potent weapon that touches various life aspects in a positive way. 

e) Tamy Moyo – Firm 

The songstress is firm as she has managed to defy the odds and secure her permanent seat in the male dominated industry. 

She has been representing the country well out there and is an exemplary figure to the girl child because she has cleared the road and proved that it can be done. 

Other female artists have been going through torrid times, however, they must be firm and be ready to set their own pieces of history.

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