Mark Ngwazi revels in glory, promises great things

Sungura maestro Mark Ngwazi who scooped the coveted Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 end of year top prize, has promised greater exploits in this 2021 year.
Wilson Chipangura, Guest Reporter  

Sungura maestro Mark Ngwazi who is swimming in the pool of glory after scooping the coveted Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 end of year top prize, has promised greater exploits in this 2021 year. 

Ngwazi whose song Taurai Madzoka has been trending all over saluted his fans for supporting him and said he will not be a one moment wonder but will continue to churn out more hits. 

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been supporting me and especially our latest album Chamugwegwedu Chamatindike and I have seen people playing this song Taurai Madzoka everywhere, something that makes me feel honored,” said Ngwazi. 

The outspoken musician who was speaking to Naxo Films in an interview revealed that his music is there to build people beyond the entertainment aim. 

“I am not in competition with any artist. My music is there to heal people just like what Oliver Mtukudzi used to encourage musicians to produce something constructive,” said Ngwazi. 

Behind the success of Ngwazi is a famed veteran producer Bothwell Nyamhondera who is known for mastering yesteryear quality sounds for the likes of sungura kingpins Alick Macheso and Nicholas Zachariah. 

Ngwazi paid special thanks to Nyamhondera for the enormous work he has been doing behind the scenes and making sure the market does not receive half baked projects. 

The singer who is currently based in Budiriro but was born in Sadza, Hwedza has been on a meteoric rise with many people who had long declared sungura an unfashionable genre slowly falling in love with the sounds again. 

To his credit, Ngwazi has introduced a fusion of Shona and English rhymes in his songs which is a rare thing for those who have followed sungura for a long time. 

Ngwazi who has five albums under his belt saluted video production group Naxo Films for putting him on the spot by making sure his videos are rated highly. 

“I just want to thank the guys at Naxo Films for the extra effort they put behind the scenes to make sure top quality videos are available for consumers. 

“Now we can be able to compete with the Zimdancehall guys and other genres because of them,” chuckled Ngwazi. 

The end for the Njanja Express frontman is unthinkable as music revellers have already crowned him the heir to the Sungura throne something he seems ready to embrace judged by his projects. 

Specialists in wine say it matures with age and the same will not only be expected but continuously said about Ngwazi who has promised new albums titled Bhazi Haritsike Arimugomo and Bhon’a Ndikukuye expected to be dropped this year.

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