Open Letter To President of Malawi Dr Lazarus Chakwera

Open Letter To President of Malawi Dr Lazarus Chakwera from Apostle Immanuel Zakumbuyo, Founder of the Light of Glory Assembly International Church.
Lazarus Chakwera
Lazarus Chakwera

FROM: Apostle Immanuel Zakumbuyo, President and Founder of the Light of Glory Assembly International Church, MALAWI.

ATT: The President Lazarus Chakwera, The Republic of Malawi.


  • The Vice president Saulos Chilima
  • All Tonse Alliance Partners
  • The Malawi Police Service,
  • The Malawi Army
  • Media Houses
  • Human Rights Activists

Date: 28th November, 2021


I am a man of God which makes me a Watchman for my country.

I pray for my country and I am proud to be a Malawian.

I will address few issues in this letter.

I believe you still remember how hard you worked to win the 2020 Court sanctioned presidential elections. I also believe you are still aware of how strongly Malawians rallied behind you during that time.

Some lost their things and above all lives in support of you, the MCP and UTM.

People even used their personal property to support you during campaign. That was amazing. These people expected less from you but you promised them a lot. This is the reason your boat seems to sink now.


I am one of the pastors who prayed for you. I also encouraged the citizens in my church to exercise their constitutional right to vote. They hoped positive change.

However, things are not that way.The prices of basic things have gone up drastically. I agree that globally things are up, but why is it that in our country the prices are so higher than our friends in the neighbourhood. Looking at other countries, they have put in place visible measures to deal with their economic crisis. Why is it not the same with our country?

A good father always puts the poverty-eradicating measures open for his children to avoid unnecessary rebellion.

Children and women may not argue with this father because his vision is made clearer to everyone. This is what is keeping a lot of broke fathers in marriages- Giving hope to the family.

In this regard, as a man of God, all I see from your government are threats, fear-instilling, silencing the opposition, and promising people of tougher times ahead without clear hope as till when (projected time) you think the voter should wait before he sees food three times a day, buys a cheaper passport or driver’s license, buys cheaper fertiliser, builds decent house.

I ask you to find measures and put them clear for everyone of how you will end this problem of HIGH COST OF LIVING since about 96% of the people who voted for you are suffering.


A good leader is best known by keeping his word.

Your Excellency Sir, you are a Bible man. You may recall the story of the wisest king Solomon.

He promised to cut the child who was the point of conflict for two women into two halves. God used his promise to reveal the truth. He did not joke about it but was ready to do it, because he made a promise and people were eagerly waiting.

You promised to change things for the better in a year. One year and some months have elapsed without any tangible evidence of good change if not suffering. I don’t think you or even your dog is feeling the way most Malawians are feeling. Something must be done. Walk the talk.

One thing you must remember is that you were trusted because you are a man of God. This gave the people confidence in you. I ask you to truly represent God in your reign. Speak as a leader of people and not as a prophet of doom.

Your Excellency Sir, it is more understandable for people to suffer in the hands of the unbeliever unlike to suffer in the hands of a believer, a man of God. You are bringing disgrace to the ministry.

Mr President,the way you and your government officials address Malawians of different problems they are facing leaves a lot to be desired.

I expected you to lead by example by being kind with the choice of words. For your own information, Malawians are not lazy. Malawians are not beggars, but their government begs.

You can not feed their families. Many of them married many years ago when they had never known about you.

They took care of their families well because the then governments made available all the resources required for a normal living. I ask you to talk when you are ready.

Mr President, I advise you to look for those notes which you were using during campaign, I believe they can serve as a reminder of what kind of a leader you promised to be.


It is hard to believe, Your Excellency Sir, that your government has silenced the organisations which would fight for the good governance, but today they are fighting the citizens.

Some big Media houses, higher police officers, top Army Officials, big SCOs can not condemn anything bad your government can do. They are clapping hands for you even if you speak undemocratically. This is bad.

Your Excellency Sir, Let me remind you of your sermon, ” SERVANT LEADERSHIP .”

When you look at the way you are doing your things, are you a servant or citizens and the ones serving you? In your own understanding how do you define “servant leadership”?

Your Excellency Sir, I have learned with shock that you ascended the Labour Law although many complained about it.

I hear you are limiting the freedom of peaceful demonstrations. I wish to bring you back to 2019 and 2020 how you enjoyed this right with your Vice President. This right seemed to be the most important one and it ushered you into power.

Remember, you are not bigger than the Constitution even if some of the judges in our courts have some political interests.

Even if you may not want to be re-voted into power, the Legacy you may leave is a powerful weapon to teach the generations to come.


In my prayer-room, I was meditating upon some scriptures in the Bible. Then, I was taken into the realm of the spirit. This is the third time I have encountered this strange happening.

I saw many children, numberless infants carrying Malawian flag. I saw and heard them crying. They spoke a lot of things.

They were complaining but there was no one to listen to them. Their cry made me cry too. It was a cry of torture.

I was worried and my heart broke. Then, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to go and look after them. I reluctantly went. The moment I went there I saw a lion.

One of the children told me that the lion was assigned to look after them, but it was not doing its duty. It was sleeping.

The child continued to tell me that many children died in the hands of predators while the lion looked on powerless.

As I was listening to this child, I heard again from the same Spirit of the Lord, “Tell the children that I have rejected the lion because it has no teeth now. The lion can not prevail against predators. It has lost value.”

The Bible says, if the salt loses value, who can go for it again? It shall be thrown away.

For today, I will stop here, Your Excellency, when God advises to speak the remaining part I shall do so.

I wish you well as you try to regather yourself for the benefit of the people.

God bless you.

Apostle Immanuel Zakumbuyo

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