Pan-African Parliament convene to elect new leadership

The Pan-African Parliament is expected to elect a new leadership in Midrand on Wednesday with Fortune Charumbira the favourite to land the top position.

JOHANNESBURG – The Pan-African Parliament is expected to elect a new leadership in Midrand on Wednesday.

The legislative arm of the African Union is holding an ordinary session this week.

The main item on Wednesday’s agenda is the election of a new presidency, which also includes the speaker of the Pan-African Parliament.

South Sudanese MP Albino Aboug meets Fortune Charumbira from Zimbabwe and Yeremiah Chihana from Malawi.

SADC is said to be rallying behind Charumbira, a president of the Chiefs Council of Zimbabwe.

The Pan-African Parliament faces the daunting task of electing a new leadership after a failed attempt last year when the House was in chaos for four days.

At that time, delegates could not firmly agree on a leadership system for the Executive Committee.

The bone of contention was whether leaders should be elected or elected by rotation with disagreements over the matter reaching a point of physical altercation at that time.

A member of the Pan-African Parliament and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, was among those pushing for a rotating leadership system.

“We won’t have a debate. No, you can’t tell us anything. You’re not elected to anything. Don’t think you can give us instructions,” he said at the time.

Delegates spend the day in high-level deliberations before voting resumes in the afternoon.

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