Zviko Chituma: The Incredible Football ‘Messi-nger’

Breaking records at will, Barcelona’s wizard Lionel Messi has been an amazing inspiration to almost every footballer but one exceptional gem in the name of Zviko Chituma.
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NANJING – In Argentina and Catalan, there is an idol whose foot artistry is just extraordinary. This lad with a small posture has defied logic over the years by scooping everything placed on the football platter. Ooh it’s Messi, Messi, yes amazing Messi!!!! 

While Lionel Messi in Spain is watched by more than a million fans all over and well known from square to circle, about 6 000 miles from the famous European city there is a secretive hub in Nanjing, China that houses another incredible Messi.

Breaking records at will, Barcelona’s wizard Lionel Messi has been an amazing inspiration to almost every footballer but one exceptional gem in the name of Zviko Chituma.

The marvellous Chituma possesses almost all the attributes that you can find on Lionel Messi from the slender frame, dribbling ability or dishing out nutmegs to opponents at will.

Zvikomborero ‘Messi’ Chituma, an extraordinarily talented footballer based in China was born in Zimbabwe where his tremendous career traces roots, has been making waves with his impudent skills which most defenders have found hard to contain and thwart an attack build-up by him. 

The Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications student has starred for Nanjing FC and Nanjing All Stars where he has won almost everything on offer with a Ballon d’Or in 2016 making him a complete caricature of Barcelona hero Lionel Messi.

Chituma which can be loosely translated to mean “The one who sends” is such a rare breed of football geniuses whose acumen often leaves every Tom and Jane with mouths agape after sending approaching opponents to the imaginary candy mountain on the pitch.

See him flicking opponents, performing some unique drawback moves at the edge of the 18-yard box or performing those 3D no look passes which only EA Sports can be able to perfect in FIFA 2030 game, will make you fully appreciate the amazing talent the young-man possesses. 

During the October 2018 FTA Tournament, Zviko Messi was such a darling to watch when he starred for the eventual champions NJUPT with some extra-terrestrial moves at the middle of the park helping breaking down resolute opponents at will. 

Zviko Chituma in action for Nanjing FC
Zviko Chituma in action for Nanjing FC

The statistics for the tournament will help silence naysayers and further validate the assertion that this boy is just a Messi in himself. Three goals and seven assists in 5 matches is all you need to see the dangerous left-footed star is a perfect fit into the category of the great play-makers of all time. 

Chituma has credited his ability to perform extra-ordinarily what has come to be termed ‘the Zviko things’ to Nanjing FC manager Merim Brkic.

The Bosnian has helped improve his game on the technical side of the game as well as instilling a sense of patience.

It is no secret that coach Merim is one person who doesn’t believe talent only can take you somewhere but collective effort. The coach has helped him (Zviko) to improve his work rate and agility on the pitch and the results have been telling with the birth of a robust and unstoppable Zviko Messi.

It’s only a matter of time Lionel, when you are gone know that we have an ‘incredible Messi-nger‘ Chituma to replace you on the big stage.

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