Do Men Really Care About Birthday Presents?

Most men act like they don't want birthday presents but in actual fact they do only that they just don't know what they want.
Marshall Shonhai, Life Matters

Okay ladies, let me do you a favour. These sadza and zondo eating men of yours act like they don’t want birthday presents but in actual fact they do. Thing is they just don’t know what they want.

It’s a myth that men don’t like presents. A lot of guys have the receiving of gifts as one of their love languages.

Confused lot they are. So, anyway here are 10 plus 1 great ideas for a present for him.

1) Most men love sport and mostly soccer, get him a ORIGINAL replica jersey of his favorite team and get it personalized, with his name, mutupo/totem (Mhofu, Moyo, Shumba etc) or his child’s name (Ba Tawana, Ba Kudzi etc). If you can get him tickets to watch his team play (this is an expensive one one but trust me, if you call pull this one off, you will have him eating out of your hand). Any other sport hey basketball, tennis, Formula One etc, get him something along those lines. If he loves golf a new set of golf clubs will do the trick.

If he is into fitness, workout gear is a great idea too.

2) Most dudes love their music, if he is like me then a proper good set of headphones will do the trick, a loud, pumpin n thumpin Bluetooth speaker (see Gadgets). If he loves old school music, surprise him with an original CD or vinyl of that album. It might not be for playing but its a good collector’s gift. I’d give anything if my girl could get me Bad Company’s 1975 album Straight Shooter on vinyl.

3) Whisky/Wine yes, with a good aged bottle you will never go wrong. A bottle of a 12 year old Macallan single malt scotch Whisky has always been a great idea. For good measure add with that real Cuban cigars.

4) Leather! Oh I love the smell of leather, most guys do. A proper leather wallet, man bag, a belt, toilet bag, duffel bag etc.

5) Tools. Yep! If he loves doing handiwork around the home, you can get him a set of tools for his DIY jobs. If he is into gardening, you can get him a set too. If he is a mechanic, construction worker, electrician, just find one of the tools he uses often and buy that for him. Most guys are into brands too so get him Wembley, Delwalt, Bosch Kobalt etc, other guys are into pocket knives, a classic Okapi knife would really work.

6) Clothes! This one should be handled with care I beg, you’ve got to know a man to buy him clothes. The trick is to buy something he loves and will actually wear than something YOU would love for him to wear. On behalf of the men we have a request, please can y’all easy up on the socks and the boxers and Nevea for Men? You actually need to be sensitive because that kind of gift including toiletries can be misunderstood. (hanzi you’re saying hatisi kugeza plus tiri kunhuwa maSocks)

Jokes aside, a nice set of lotion, shaving cream, aftershave, roll on, a grooming kit. Shaving machine are good gift ideas.

Shoes. Yep! We love shoes too, some nice trainers, leather boots, sneakers.

7) Perfume/Cologne. Right, if you’re going this route then please don’t go cheap. Invest in something great. A blend of a fruity and woody scent, Creed Aventus is an interesting and amazing smell.

Creed Aventus is a winner for me.

8) Gadgets! Yes ladies, you can never go wrong with gadgets, be it a Macbook, an iPhone, Pods, cameras, headphones, speakers, watches etc. Gaming gadgets Yes, true! Men are never old for gaming, boys will always be boys, so get that PS 5, consoles and the whole gaming gear, trust me, he will beat about you.

9) If you have extra space in the home, find a room he can turn into a man cave, this is his space, a place he can be alone with what he loves, be it music, a good book, an instrument, writing, watching soccer or just to chill. Remember both the kids and yourself are not allowed into this cave unless summoned or invited. Yup, we need our own little space we can decorate too in the home and own it.

10) A car! The ultimate gift if you’re going to buy me a car then it has to be nothing but a Land Rover Defender V8 2021. On the real though, these kind of big gifts are for married people, I don’t know if people who are not committed to each other should do this.

Bonus! Men love experiences too, fishing, camping, road trip and guess what? You sometimes don’t have to go with him, let him go with his buddies and give him some space. Yep, men need some alone time too.

  • Marshall Shonhai is a Big Event Ideas specialist and Culture enthusiast based in Zimbabwe. Follow Marshall on twitter @MarshallShonhai
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