Bishop Magaya tells Zanu PF they cannot crash someone ready to die for freedom

Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has told Zanu PF government that they cannot crash someone ready to die for freedom in the wake of a series of crackdown on activists by the regime.

HARARE – Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has told the Zanu PF government following a series of crackdowns on activists by the regime, they cannot bring down anyone willing to die for freedom.

Magaya spoke at a Save Zimbabwe initiative attended by MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa, ZCTU President Peter Gift Mutasa and ZINASU.

“One thing we have to admit is that as human beings we have our own flaws. We failed, we are vulnerable,” Magaya said.

“We are not made of iron and steel but of blood and flesh, so we tend to get tired at times, but we need encouragement so that those who wait on the Lord, those who are motivated by principles, make it be pushed further.

“Certainly, yes, we have sometimes carried out ad hoc activities, but there are questions that we must now ask ourselves. I take this time as a reflection, you have to tell yourself what you’ve never done that if you did, things would change,” he said.

Magaya encouraged citizens to develop an indomitable spirit of resistance against the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“I want to assure you that the state knows that. The system knows that it is persistence, it is resilience, readiness to die. Now how do you crush somebody who is ready to die. 

“I have always insisted that to those that threaten me, don’t threaten me because I don’t respond to threats. Don’t tell me that you will kill me just kill me. We need to be able to come to a point where we say we are ready to die. 

“When one of us is arrested, when Chin’ono is arrested, when Ngadziore is arrested. Let them arrest us all and this is one thing that these guys are afraid of and from all the sectors church, labor et cetra let us speak one voice. Let us define our destiny and lead the proceedings towards that destine,” the Bishop said.

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