Avoid being cheated in China as a foreigner

A journey to China may not be that easy as reciting the first four letters of the alphabet, but staying daily in the far east country is another folklore.
Wilson Chipangura, Correspondent

A journey to China may not be that easy as reciting the first four letters of the alphabet, but staying daily in the far east country is another folklore.

Despite the tight security system of the country, which arguably is the best globally, some foreigners get cheated or scammed by some canning criminals behind the scenes.

Of course, some of these things cannot be blamed on the security agents for failure to curb them. They can do nothing about the cheating which some foreigners face because it requires the effort, alertness and knowledge of foreigners themselves to avoid bumping into the misfortunes.

“It’s not easy bro” as some foreigners like to sum it.

The great wise men who lived before used to say there are so many ways to kill a cat no matter the trickery it possess. This is the same with this wild cat of foreigners getting cheated in China on a daily basis. It can be avoided at least if you stop believing in the sticker which do rounds on popular Chinese social network WeChat.

Do you really want to know what it says? Wait a minute. In China, buying goods online is something that is so often done by many than going to class to sign an attendance sheet. It is something that many folks do enjoy doing, so long they have enough ‘kuai(s)’ to spend.

While ordering goods online has been something worthwhile doing, some foreigners do get scammed in the process by dubious and fraudulent sellers.

Some foreigners have complained that buying a good online especially WeChat is risky. Many a people have bought goods using WeChat from sellers they don’t know, only to realize during their day of graduation that the product they ordered had not yet been delivered.

Some have even ordered the prestigious iPhone mobile only for a toddler phone to be delivered. It’s better to avoid buying on WeChat if you don’t know who you are buying from, at least Taobao is more reliable and secure.

Don’t get into trouble with online shopping again. The same fraud masters you meet online can be similar to those who deliver forged documents through the scholarships to China initiative. Many students have been cheated by bogus agents who have delivered fake documents only for them to realize they are on self-funded schemes when they arrive. Some even get deported but the way to go is for one to apply to study in China through international education agencies. It’s expensive but safer than to be defrauded.

It’s not easy! Everyday a lot of foreigners hover around China seeking for jobs. In the process many of them often get cheated by fake agents who claim to be well connected and promise to link up jobs for them only if they first pay agency fees. Some get jobs and sacked after some days especially when they are holders of the student visa that prohibits working as a foreigner.

The promised job gone. Even the agent who promised heaven for you vanishes and there is nowhere to report to because you were doing illegal dealings, ‘bro life is not easy’ that prank would have worked and you would have been scammed by that fraudster for not being able to know Chinese beyond ‘’ting bu dong’’.

Time to say adieus is near but when there is no mention of the passport issue, this piece is just but ‘’bu hao’’. Many things are usually linked with passport details for foreigners and on many occasions, it is often asked. Think about booking a flight, getting registered by your school or even renewing your residence permit.

Some canning criminals have come to know about this and often promise their other foreign pals high rewarding opportunities by initially asking for their passport copies. Crime is committed with these special documents and the next day police officers will come to your room to pick you up for an easy ride to the jail. Imagine spending a day in a Chinese jail, make sure you have the highest level of the HSK qualification to enjoy the company.

Don’t just share your information with suspicious people in return for a never fulfilled opportunity. The WeChat sticker you have been curious to know “I can’t able” will be used on you the next time you get cheated after reading this guide.

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