Zimbabwe releases revised 2022 school calendar

HARARE – The ministry of primary and second education (Zimbabwe) on Tuesday released the revised 2022 school calendar, with the first term lasting just 45 days.

HARARE – The Department of Primary and Secondary Education released the revised 2022 school calendar on Tuesday, with the first semester lasting just 45 days.

The government said last week that schools would open on February 7 after delays it attributed to a rise in Covid-19 infections, although teachers’ unions identified the late assessment of year 7 exams as the reason for the postponement.

The first semester ends on Thursday, April 7.

After 26 days of vacation, schools will reopen on Tuesday May 3 and close on Thursday August 3. The number of school days is 69.

There follows a longer interval of 30 days before the third quarter begins on Monday, September 5 and ends on December 8 after 71 days.

The first term in 2023 will open on Monday, January 9, the ministry said in a statement.

Exam results for Year 7 (Grade 7) 2021 will be released this week, the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council announced last week.

Parents only have a few days and weekends to find a place for their children before schools open next week.

Teachers’ unions have threatened strikes over low pay.

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe said: “Everyone should be aware that although the Department has produced a revised timetable, the number of study days per semester is not determined by the timetable but by the Service Commission public and the seriousness of dealing with the treasury with the issue of teacher compensation $540 or no learning.

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